Curly Hair Kits

Having trouble finding the right combination of products to keep your hair healthy and beautiful? Our styling experts have put together these custom hair kits to help take the guesswork out of caring for your waves, curls and coils. What's more, you'll also save money with each kit than if you purchased each product separately! 

Basic Hair Care

Curly LOC Kit - Nikki's Favorite! (3c)  

LOC is an abbreviation for leave in conditioner, oil and cream. The method is beloved by curly girls because of its ability to let curlies go days without having to re-moisturize their curls.

  • $45.67 $41.10

  • Use the Kinky-Curly Knot Today to gently detangle cleansed wet hair.

  • Next, apply a thin layer of the Aubrey Organics Jojoba Oil to your hair to help lock in moisture.

  • Finally, coat the hair with Curl Junkie Coffee-Coco Curl Creme to seal that moisture in.

All in One Wavy Care - Cristina's Favorite! (2c)

Wavy hair needs special products to stay frizz-free and healthy. The All in One Wavy Care kit will provide your hair with the right amount of moisture and hold to keep your waves in perfect harmony.

  • $52.90 $47.61

  • Use MopTop Daily Conditioner to nourish and detangle your waves.

  • Rinse and lightly dry with a microfiber towel.

  • Combine two pumps of AG the Oil with a nickel sized dollop of AG Beach Bomb in the palm of your hands and scrunch into your hair.

  • For extra volume, flip hair upside down and diffuse.

All in One Coily Care 

Our Type 4 Daily Kit provides you with all the products you need to cleanse, moisturize and style your beautiful coils.

  • $44.99 $40.49

  • Use As I Am Coconut Wash to gently cleanse your hair and maintain the right amount of moisture.

  • Follow up with Texture My Way Easy Comb Leave-in Detangling and Softening Cream Therapy for added hydration and detangling properties.

  • Smooth a small amount of Kinky-Curly Curling Custard through each section of your hair for hold and definition.

  • Finish off with Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade to seal your ends and smooth down edges.

Coily Detangling Kit - Priscilla's Favorite! (4c)

Keep your coils tangle free with this detangling product pair. The Coily Detangling Kit will help keep your coils knot-free from all stages of your regimen--from cleansing to styling.

  • $20.00 $18.00

  • Wet hair thoroughly and rub a liberal amount of As I Am Coconut CoWash Cleansing Conditioner.

  • Distribute evenly by rubbing the cowash on your palms and then raking through your curls.

  • Apply Knot-Today throughout your hair but concentrating on troubled, tangled areas.

  • Using a wide toothed comb, comb the knotted areas. Let hair air dry.

Rehydration Kit for Coils

Could your curls and coils use a moisture boost? Use the Rehydration Kit once a week to bring your hair back to life and leave them hydrated, strong and healthy. Your curls will thank you!

  • $30.99 $27.89

  • Apply Olive You Deep Conditioner mixed with 2 oz. of Sunny Isle Black Jamaican Castor Oil Extra Dark to wet clean hair.

  • Let product sit for at least 15 minutes.

  • For added benefits, cover hair with a shower cap to generate body heat, or, hold a hot diffuser over your head.

  • Rinse and let your hair air dry. 

Deep Conditioner Duo

Curly hair needs regular deep conditioning! We recommend you rehydrate your hair weekly to help maintain your healthy locks.

  • $36.00 $32.40

  • Coat your clean, wet, detangled curls with Curl Junkie Deep Fix.

  • Let product sit for at least 10 minutes.

  • For a steamy deep treatment, wear a shower cap to generate body heat.

  • Rinse and liberally apply Karen's Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia Leave In Conditioner.

Styling Essentials

Strong Hold Curl Kit

There are times when we curly girls want to have incredible hold and control over our curls. When you want to know your curls will make it all day and night without worry, use this awesome cocktail to rock your style all night long.

  • $49.75 $44.78

  • Scrunch TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier into hair to provide hold and control for defined curls.

  • Then apply a layer of Curly Hair Solutions Tweek to your curls.

  • Lightly apply Tweek by smoothing it over your hands and running them through your curls.

  • Let hair air dry. 

Anti-Frizz Kit

The Anti-Frizz Kit from CurlMart will help you banish the fuzzies and and stay in control of your curls.

  • $43.00 $38.70

  • Squeeze a small amount of Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle into your hands.

  • Use a quarter size for long hair and a nickel size for short to medium hair.

  • Scrunch in with hands SLOWLY while keeping your fingers wide apart.

  • Finish gently scrunching with Curls Like Us Curl Cloths (without rubbing) to remove excess gel, reduce frizz and drying time and create beautiful definition.

Curl Shape Enhancer Kit

Enhance your curl shape by making your coils looser or tighter. Strawllers offers a variety of styling for all lengths of hair.

  • $26.50 $23.85

  • Use your favorite setting mousse or foam on each section of hair.

  • Roll your hair with Strawllers. (8in all colors)

  • Air dry or sit under a hooded dryer until your new curl pattern is set.

  • Once you’re finished, make your style last with Curlisto Structura Spray.

Volumizing Hair Kit

Avoid midday droopy curls by combining a lightweight mousse and flexible hair spray for bouncy curls that last all day long.

  • $40.94 $36.85

  • Apply TIGI Bed Head Candy Fixation Totally Baked Volumizing and Prepping Hair Meringue to damp, clean hair to define your curls.

  • Scrunch the meringue in your hair to accentuate curl.

  • For extra volume scrunch upside down.

  • Set in that fabulous curl definition with DevaCurl Flexible Hold Hair Spray.

Simple Curl Styling Combo

Simplify your styling routine by using this two product combination. Curl Junkie Coco Curl Cream Lite provides the perfect moisture for your curls while Curl Keeper 8oz.provides the perfect crunch free hold.

  • $37.50 $33.75

  • Apply a generous amount of Curl Junkie Coco Curl Cream Lite to damp hair to define curls without weighing them down.

  • Layer with Curl Keeper to keep your curls hydrated and crunch free.

  • Rake product through your hair with your fingers.

  • Be sure to apply product evenly throughout your curls to ensure uniform curls.