Hair Growth Tips

Hair growth remedies

Hair growth can depend on a variety of factors including your diet, exercise and just plain genetics. Here are some hair growth remedies and tips that can help stimulate your scalp and strengthen your hair. The key to hair growth is patience and careful dedication to your locks. Check out our recommended products and get on your way to longer curls.

1. Condition & Detangle

Comb and detangle regularly with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to strengthen the muscles that hold each hair in place and promote hair growth. Use deep conditioning treatments every 2- 3 days to replenish moisture. 

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2. Massage & Feed Your Scalp

Shampoos and conditioners containing peppermint or eucalyptus oil can be effective hair growth remedies. The tingling sensation you feel when using these cleansers increases circulation and blood flow to your follicles, which boosts hair growth. Massaging your scalp for 30 seconds before washing can give you up to an extra inch of hair growth in one year. 

3. Handle with Care

Textured hair tends to be more fragile then straighter hair types making it more prone to breakage and hair loss. Sleep on a satin pillow case or use a satin cap to reduce friction, breakage and frizz. Always protect your locks by sealing your ends with oil to help lock in moisture, smooth the hair cuticle and prevent split ends.

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4. Help Your Hair Grow

New hair grows on average about half an inch each month for 3-6 years. After this time, it slows its growth for a few weeks, then rests for a few weeks before shedding and making room for new growth. Many curlies like to aid this process by taking hair vitamins that are rich in biotin. Biotin helps to promote overall health of your hair, skin, and nails. Results typically take 2-3 months to show.

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Hair Growth Myths

A common myth regarding hair growth is that wearing hats often can interrupt your normal hair growth cycle. Unless you wear hats very tightly all time which can cut off circulation to your hair follicles, you have nothing to worry about.

Many people also believe that washing, drying and styling your hair too much hair will increase hair loss. Unless you're really scrubbing, being excessively rough on your scalp, and washing multiple times throughout the day, normal hair care should not affect your hair growth.