Hair Straightening Treatment Care

Woman with long straightened hairIf you wear your hair curly or wavy most of the time, a hair straightening treatment can let you enjoy a whole new variety of hairstyles.

Choose a Versatile Cut

If you wear your hair curly or wavy on one day and straight the next, getting the right haircut is a must. Choose a versatile hairstyle with angles that frame the face to ensure that your hair looks just as good straight as it does when it's curly.

Keep Hair Healthy & Moisturized

Blow outs and flat irons can cause stress on the hair shaft, so it's important that your hair is in top condition before you use a hair straightening treatment. Deep condition your hair once a week for 30 minutes, and always use heat protectant products when straightening your hair. This will help keep your curls and waves safe from hair damage caused by blow dryers and flat irons. 

Use the Right Tools

Bad styling tools can damage your hair, so be sure to buy the best quality products that you can afford.

A good ionic or ceramic dryer with a nozzle is your best tool for a blow out. Many stylist also prefer to use a round, natural-bristle brush—the more bristles, the better.

Flat irons are perfect for creating extra-smooth hair. High-quality ionic or ceramic irons are your best choices since they use consistent heat and negative ions to smooth out frizz.


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