Hair Stretching

Woman pulling her kinky hairCurly and kinky hair can shrink when it gets wet, adding frustration to the everyday challenges of caring for your hair. Here are some quick hair stretching tips and products you can use to get your length back.

Use Dairy Conditioning Treatments

Milk, yogurt and sour cream all contain lactic acid, which is known to reduce overall hair shrinkage. Try our Yogurt Curl Stretcher recipe below to help stretch your curls.

Twist or Braid After Cleansing

Products containing shea butter or avocado oil are very effective hair stretching remedies for natural hair. Begin by applying a moisturizing cream or natural oil to your wet hair. Then section your hair and style it into a braid or twist. Let your hair air dry or use a hooded dryer. The braid or twist forces the hair to stay stretched. Undo your hair and you'll be left with beautifully textured curls. 

Blow Dry Your Hair

One of the simplest hair stretching techniques is to dry your hair with a blow dryer. Be sure to select the warm setting since high heat can cause damage to your curls and kinks. First section your hair. Select a section and stretch it out. Then direct the blow dryer over the section near the roots and work your way down. You'll be left with a natural, fluffy and stretched style.


Yogurt Curl Stretcher Recipe


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