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Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker Marshmallow and Agave Leaf Extract

Brand: Camille Rose Naturals

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This product made with natural ingredients is designed to transform your hair into soft defined curls.

3.5 (22 ratings)
Size: 12 oz.

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Curl Maker Curl Defining Jelly is made with natural horsetail and beet extracts to transform your hair into curls without leaving it hard or crunchy. Your hair will have amazing curl definition, bounce and moisture that every curl or coil will love. Perfect for wash and go styling. For extra definition and moisture, use with Curl Love moisture milk or Fresh Curl.


Ingredients: Dionized water, pectin, coco nucifera(coconut )oil, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, panthenol, ricinus communis (caster) seed oil, althaea officinalis (marshmallow) root extract, agava americana leaf extract, equisetum arvense (horsetail) extract, urtica dioica (nettle) leaf extract, corn starch, xanthan gum, chondrus (seaweed) crispus, polysorbate 20, tocopheryl acetate (vitanin E), cyanocobalamin (vitamin b-12), phenoxyethanol (optiphen nd) caprylyl glycol, fregance (parfum) and LOVE!

Ingredient Attribute: Silicone Free
Sulfate Free
Paraben Free
Protein Free
Glycerin Free
Cruelty Free

Styling Tips

Apply an ample amount to clean, conditioned and detangled hair. Section soaking wet hair with fingers and distribute from root to the tips of your hair. Make sure hair is wet while using this jelly. Re-wet sections that are drying. Finger style your hair and let air dry. A micro fiber towel may be used for faster drying.

Customer reviews

  • 2

    Posted by sire (Type Unkown) on 03/05/2015

    3c hair
    While I LOVE this brand and appreciate the quality natural ingredients, I did NOT like this gel. It dries my hair out badly. I will say that a little goes a LONG way,so this bottle will last you a good while. I will stick to Kinky Curly Custard for my wash and gos.

  • 4

    Posted by curlycamille (Type 3c) on 01/31/2015

    I love this stuff! I've been waiting for it to come back in stock because I tried a sample and my hair just loved it. The saying a little goes a long way is key when using this product. If you use too much it could leave your curls too perfect and a little crunchy. For that reason I'm giving it a 4 instead of a 5. You have to play around with the right amount but when you do it leaves your curls defined and so so soft! I'm not too fond of the smell but it's not that bad. It just doesn't smell like normal hair products but that's to be expected with all natural products. Ulitmatley I love this stuff and I'll continue to buy it!

  • 2

    Posted by wimbeje (Type Unknown) on 01/29/2015

    I spent my $22 bucks hoping for a good botanical gel to tame my 3C/4A tresses. Nevertheless, my hair looked a mess. The gel did define my curls while wet, but the hold did not last once dried. I read so many reviews about this gel, but I guess the climate i live in does this gel no justice. Well back to the Eco-Styler Blue Gel it is :(

  • 5

    Posted by portiaml (Type Unknown) on 01/28/2015

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! This stuff okay yeah shelling out $22 bucks is a lot but its like kinky curly you don't need a lot. My curls are soft, and my wash and go last for days!!! I think I have the old formula, but it doesn't bother me because this stuff is gold. I'm literally finished buying any other styler. This is my go to styler nothing can compare. This stuff is definitely worth the money. My hair type is 4A-4B.

  • 4

    Posted by math8934 (Type Unknown) on 01/26/2015

    Loved the way it made my hair feel but it left white particles throughout my hair each and every time I used it. So disappointed because I loved the consistency and feel of my hair as well as the smell.

  • 3

    Posted by coilsandfreckles (Type 4a) on 01/18/2015

    Second impression: I heavily applied the Almond Jai Butter to soaking wet hair. Afterwards, sectioned my hair into twelve parts and finger combed two pumps of Curl Maker through each section. I dried my hair beneath a bonnet dryer on medium setting then scrunched out the crunch. I applied my oil blend on top and my hair was shiny, shrunken and moderately soft.

    I'm still not sold on this gel. KCCC keeps my clumps less frizzy. This method was considerably better than the first, but this method was also considerably more expensive because I used a lot of the Almond Jai Butter to create a strong moisture base before applying the gel.

  • 2

    Posted by coilsandfreckles (Type 4a) on 01/13/2015

    I purchased this gel from Curlmart on sale. Per ounce, this is less expensive than Kinky-Curly Curling Custard; so, if it was as great as the sponsored reviews claim, then it was worth a try.

    Anyway, the description promises:
    1. {Will not leave hair hard or crunchy.}
    In sections where I applied too much, there was crunch. (minus one star)
    2. {Amazing curl definition, bounce and moisture.}
    In sections where I didn't apply enough, my hair was frizzy. (minus one star)
    3. {Perfect for wash and go styling.}
    Application wasn't very smooth...needs more slip. I ended up with a few blobs that wouldn't blend...had to apply more water. Took forever to dry. (minus one star)
    4. {For extra definition and moisture, use with Curl Love moisture milk or Fresh Curl}
    I refuse to purchase any more CRN products until I finish the ones I have; so, I used my Aloe Whipped Butter Gel as a leave-in. This combo was not moisturizing, at all. Next time, I will try my Almond Jai Butter. Next, next time I will use my beloved KCKT because it seems to work with everything. When this jar is done, I will go back to Kinky-Curly Curling Custard.

    Based on videos I saw, this gel seems to work better on naturally slick hair with curls that are already shiny and defined. I have afro-textured coils. My hair is also mixed texture. It worked well on my fine strands (of course), but my medium-coarse strands were left more frizzy and dry than before I applied the gel. KCCC provides consistent results throughout my head and makes my coils look more uniform.

  • 3

    Posted by tiffanys29 (Type 4a) on 12/06/2014

    I bought this item and 2 cleansers with the pump...and the pumps on all 3 do not work. Ugh. This completely annoys me because I'll either have to find new pumps that fit at the craft store or waste product by squeezing too much out of the bottles.
    Despite this issue, the products smell good and left my hair feeling soft....

  • 5

    Posted by mimisl27 (Type 4b) on 12/03/2014

    This will be a keeper for me. I like that it elongates my curls. I used Qhemet Biologics, Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee as a leave in and the Curl Maker as my styler and I absolutely love the results.

  • 5

    Posted by rida (Type Unkown) on 11/20/2014

    I have 3c hair and this product gave me very shiny, very soft curls. My hair had lots of body and the shine and bounce lasted until teh next wash. With the old formula I would have never tried this product due to the cost and bad reviews, but it looks like they really did a great job with the reformulation because I love it. I only had to use a very small amount dividing my hair into 4 sections on each section. Its well worth the money. I think this is gonna replace Jessicurl as my go to gel. I used Curl junkie smoothing lotion as my leave in underneath. Great Combo!

  • 5

    Posted by PrettiChic75 (Type 3b) on 10/01/2014

    My review is in regards to the 3rd formulation of Curl Maker that Camille Rose Naturals recently launched. I have never tried any of the previous versions, so I cannot say how they compare to the version that I bought. Normally my hair doesn't do well with products that contain xanthum gum listed within it, especially if it is listed high on the ingredient listing. So, I was sort of sceptical about trying this gel, because it does contain xanthum gum in it. However, because the amount within it isn't alot, I decided to give this gel a try. And, I am so glad that I did, because I absolutely love it!

    First off, the gel is all natural, with no harsh chemical ingredients in it, which my hair truly appreciates. This gel gives my curls lots of definition, added shine, all day frizz control, and most of all it doesn't flake on me. I am not sure how much if any curl elongation it provides, as my hair is at slightly below mid-back length, so my hair is long already. I always get a little bit of shrinkage on the first day, but that's normal and I've grown used to it. Also, this product has a mild, scent to it that is not overpowering at all.

    This is definitely a product that you do not have to be heavy handed with. As, you do not need to use alot in order to get great results from this product. This product provides me with a fabulous wash n go, but I am sure that it can be used to create other natural styles as well. Even though it may be pricey, I feel that it is definitely worth splurging on. This product definitely is on my list of holy grails, and I sincerely hope that Camille Rose Naturals will keep the formula the same the way that it is now, and never change it again.

  • 5

    Posted by gardenerwithcurls (Type Unkown) on 06/12/2014

    3b/low porosity/coarse/dry
    Just what I needed for frizz! Curl Maker is very similar to KCCC (which is an amazing product). Curl Maker has a similar consistency, and it works beautifully for definition. One huge difference in my hair is that as soon as I "scrunch" KCCC I get frizz immediately. Something in Curl Maker keeps the frizz away! KCCC has more shape hold, if I'm willing to battle frizz, but it's easier for me to kill the frizz with Curl Maker and use something else for hold. Curl Maker makes my hair feel SO soft! It has no stickiness or flakes...I can literally run my fingers through my hair when this gel is in it! It reactivates with water, so it's great for several days worth of curl. I wouldn't recommend this on its own for strong definition, but in conjunction with another gel or curl cream it's frizz's worst enemy.

  • 3

    Posted by CurlySassy (Type 3c) on 06/09/2014

    Love the definition although I'm not a fan of the gels. Hoping it'll last for more than 2 days. Will update in a few days.

  • 5

    Posted by MelissaAaliyah_ (Type 3c) on 04/07/2014

    Personally I love this gel, it doesn't make my curls crunchy, they're soft and perfectly defined and it's one of the few things that controls my frizz.

  • 3

    Posted by jb3c (Type 3c) on 02/21/2014

    This product has glycerin even though under Ingredient Attributes it says "Glycerin Free". It worked OK for me. I love the line but I wasn't blown away by this gel. My hair doesn't really like glycerin.

  • 1

    Posted by hueraangel78 (Type Unkown) on 02/01/2014

    3c/4a...Smells good like all CRN products. But didn't work for me at all. My hair felt like straw afterwards. I will not purchase this product again. I really wanted to like it but it was a definite waste of $22 for me. I wont chance it on my kids 3a/3b due to how dry my hair felt.

  • 5

    Posted by kcames101112 (Type 3b) on 10/29/2013

    I purchased this product not liking gels or any gelly type anything in my hair. Ecostyler dries my hair out so I stay away from that stuff but the curl maker works well on top of a leave in and it works even better on top of Camille Rose Hair Milk. I wasn't using this product for curl definition but more for a crunchless light hold. I was able to achieve 5 day hair with this product. I am a wash and go person and prefer to wash every 3 to 4 days. I did have more curl definition which, I didn't think was possible. I did not have any flakes or crunch. My hair was not hard when used alone without anything underneath. Overall, I am glad I purchased this and will repurchase.

    Hair Stats: 3B, waist length, low porosity and normal density.

  • 3

    Posted by ShellyNicole17 (Type 3c) on 08/20/2013

    I am NOT a fan of using gels in my hair for my curls I hate the crunch, so I found this thinking it would hold my curls but have them fluffly I loved how my curls came out and there was a little bit of crunch but maybe its because I didnt diffuse, so ill reuse this product on a day I'm not rushing

  • 5

    Posted by ChanteeCurls (Type 4a) on 06/14/2013

    I love this gel! Very similar to my KCCC & UFCM. I switch between these three gels to define my curls! 3c/4a I would repurchase but on sale!

  • 5

    Posted by GoldenBlaze (Type 4a) on 03/17/2013

    This product is very nice. I like how it's easy to apply to your hair and it doesn't take long to dry. I've used it on both wet and damp hair. I like the consistency of the gel so that you can gage how much to put on your hair without using too much product, unlike thin gels. Also I like how your hair is not dry the next day. It's pricy but worth it, IMO.

  • 3

    Posted by jcokes (Type 4a) on 06/20/2012

    The curl maker is a good for one day hair but to make it to my HG list I have to be able to get a minimum of 3 day hair.

  • 3

    Posted by jsuzkelley (Type 3a) on 06/15/2012

    I've only used this one time, but it was okay. My hair looked good, nice curl definition, but my hair was a little dry. This is not as moisturizing as some of the other jelly products I've tried, but I think it could work well with a more moisturizing LI. Not quite 4 stars for me because there are other similar products I like better in my hair, but still a good product with great ingredients.

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