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Curl Junkie Curl Queen Hair Styling Gel

Brand: Curl Junkie

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Curl Junkie Curl Queen Hair Styling Gel is a glycerin-free conditioning styling gel with a light to medium hold that is excellent for extra protection in humid conditions.

4.5 (36 ratings)
Size: 12 oz.

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Curl Junkie Curl Queen Hair Styling Gel is a glycerin-free conditioning styling gel with a light to medium hold that is excellent for extra protection in humid conditions. Enriched with conditioning and frizz smoothing plant proteins and starches. Light tea scent. Best for normal - fine, wavy - curly hair types.


Water, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Hydroethylcellulose, Corn Starch Modified, Polyquaternium-4, Panthenol, PVP, Camellia Sinensis Leaf (Green Tea) Extract, Wheat Protein, Wheat Starch, Polysorbate 20, Propylene Glycol, Diazolidinyl Urea, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Fragrance.

Ingredient Attribute: Glycerin Free
Paraben Free
Silicone Free
Sulfate Free

Styling Tips

  • Apply a generous amount of Curl Queen to wet hair, smoothing and scrunching into hair section by section.
  • Blot hair gently with a towel and allow to air-dry or diffuse lightly.

Customer reviews

  • 5

    Posted by cece steppe (Type 3c) on 06/27/2015

    This also plays well with beauticurls leave-in conditioner.

  • 5

    Posted by cece steppe (Type 3c) on 06/23/2015

    Love this gel paired with the beauticurls strenthening conditioner as a leave-in.

  • 5

    Posted by cece steppe (Type 3c) on 06/02/2015

    This gel over the strengthening conditioner is what I was trying to achieve with KCCC AND VARIOUS leave-in CONDITIONERS. The combination gave me hold with a blinding sheen even after my hair has dried.

  • 5

    Posted by jb3c (Type 3c) on 04/30/2015

    Love this gel!!!

  • 5

    Posted by cherryrose11 (Type 4a) on 04/13/2015

    I love Curl Queen when I use it with Pattern Pusha. Those 2 products together allow me to have a 7 day wash-n-go. If I use it alone my hair looks like Ramen Noodles. I will repurchase it as a compliment to Pattern Pusha.

  • 5

    Posted by meganpia (Type 3b) on 11/01/2014

    I have 3b curls, and a sensitive scalp. I use Wen Cleansing Conditioner daily, and style with this gel. I love this product because it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, the smell is pretty tame, and it doesn't leave my hair crunchy. My hair looks and feels good with this gel.

  • 5

    Posted by naitokaze (Type 2b) on 10/30/2014

    I love this gel! I have been struggling to find a gel that does not make me itch and break out but still works. I've finally found it! The gel smells pretty good and is actually sort of watery. It is thicker in consistency than Curls in a Bottle or Curl Keeper but not quite as thick as a regular gel. I smooth it into my damp hair after a little leave in conditioner and curl serum (like CIAB). I find sectioning the hair works best to ensure you cover every curl. It gives good hold and definition and, after breaking the cast, looks fairly natural. While it does not give enough anti-frizz or moisture on its own, it is definitely an important part of my routine.

  • 5

    Posted by cece steppe (Type 3c) on 09/24/2014

    This is da best gel.

  • 5

    Posted by cece steppe (Type 3c) on 04/14/2014

    All I can say is awesome. No crunchy feeling hair. I have used it over the smoothing lotion, hair dew and darcys coca curl smoothing cream. I get nice plump curls with darcys curl smoothing cream and alittle curl queen gel just to get rid of the frizzies. Awesome combo

  • 5

    Posted by cece steppe (Type 3c) on 04/04/2014

    Used a lil today over oyin handmade hair dew and it performed pretty good. Will try it over the smoothing lotion next.

  • 4

    Posted by bahnessa (Type 2c) on 03/31/2014

    I'm a huge fan of the CJ line! This product has a nice light fragrance, and a decent hold. I don't get crunchy curls when using this product and like to apply this product after I apply a leave in conditioner. I personally like to apply this product generously throughout my hair, when it's soaking wet and squish out the extra water. It has a nice watery, silky texture, and I will buy again!

  • 5

    Posted by currrlygurrrly (Type Unkown) on 10/03/2013

    I love all the CJ products, but this is the best glycerin-free gel I have tried. It smells amazing too. Works wonders on humid days (that is every day here!). (3A)

  • 5

    Posted by Carine100 (Type 3c) on 08/08/2013

    One of my absolute favorite glycerin free gels next aloe vera gel lover it definetly keeping this in my regimen

  • 5

    Posted by mickilopez69 (Type 3c) on 03/19/2013


  • 3

    Posted by pattersont (Type 4c) on 11/26/2012

    This product smells great, but it doesn't have a strong hold for 4c hair. I would recommend that you combine it with your favorite curl cream, then apply and style as normal

  • 4

    Posted by CurlySuzy (Type 2c) on 07/03/2012

    I tried this gel in an experiment to use only one styling product when I am spending all day at the beach or pool. I was thrilled with the results. My curls were well defined and the frizz was non existent. I also tried it with a leave-in conditioner at home and got even better results. The best part is the hold. Not too crunchy. The only challenge with this product is figuring out the right amount to use, but overall a big thumbs up.

  • 3

    Posted by themedievalist (Type 2c) on 04/27/2012

    I was rather disappointed with the amount of hold I got from this gel; when I read light hold, I didn't expect something that, for me, seemed to have less hold than CIAB. This works okay mixed with another product or two, but I get much better results with CIAB and with AnGel, so I doubt I would purchase again.

  • 3

    Posted by curligurl00 (Type Unkown) on 03/29/2012

    I'm split on this gel; somewhere in between wanting to experiment with it some more and wanting to give it away (but have decided to experiment more). I bought this before I went to the actual Curl Junkie website and found that product wasn't meant for my 3c/4a curls. I'm not a gel fan and wanted something that was light and this gel is light. What I had a problem with was the hold not lasting. The smell reminds me a bit of a men's cologne, but not very overpowering and something that will wear off. The consistency is also very slippery, like a loose serum. I would recommend this to people with looser curls or beginners (like me) that haven't used gel a lot and what to experiment with hold.

  • 3

    Posted by laurabeth33 (Type 2b) on 02/29/2012

    A super-hold gel. If I use a smidge too much, my curls gels skinny and then stringy. However, when I nail the amount, it holds solidly all day. A little crunchy but not drying at all. Just a little difficult to get the right amount out of the bottle and not too much.

  • 5

    Posted by BeachCurlGurl (Type 3a) on 01/06/2012

    This gel is my winter HG. Has a true medium hold and is non-drying. I used it all last winter over KCCC and loved it and started using it again this winter over various Marie Dean moisturizing products. Just what I need to get through the low dews of the winter and have great hair.

  • 2

    Posted by lily44 (Type 3b) on 09/08/2011

    First off, Curl Junkie products are great; but, if I ever thought I WASN'T protein sensitive, using this gel removed that doubt for good. I had been using Curls in a Bottle and just wanted to try this after reading the reviews (wanted something with a tad more hold). TOO much protein; my curls felt and looked dry after just one use. My fault for not trusting my gut on this one.....back to CIAB. 2 curls for no glycerin or silicone though.

  • 4

    Posted by asianrunner (Type 2b) on 07/10/2011

    I think this is a great medium hold gel! Smells great, not tacky or overly sticky and does its job. I also like that it's glycerin free which makes this my go to gel in the low dews!

  • 3

    Posted by mellipoo143 (Type 3c) on 07/06/2011

    It wasn't bad, but it also wasn't great. Used it, as recommended by Marsha on her blog, behind the CJ Smoothing Lotion (which is AMAZING btw!!!) and it wasn't what i expected. With the lotion alone, my curls were more elongated and extremely smooth; once I added this stuff (which smells lovely, but still...), my curls became much more defined...this may sound great to some, but I'm 3c and for me, more definition means more shrinkage! :-( On a brighter note, my hair is soft and dried relatively quickly. But I would definitely only recommend this to 3b curlies and below. As for me, I'm glad it was only a sample, although I may try it again in the future. Everything deserves a second chance. Piece of advice - Don't be too heavy handed with this and don't touch it while it dries.

  • 5

    Posted by corkscrewcurls (Type 3c) on 06/03/2011

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this gel. I use it right behind Curl Junkie BeautiCurls Leave-in Hair Conditioner and it has the best look! My curls have spirals, they are soft, my hair is full. It gives me the look of Mixed Chicks Leave-In but with more conditioner/soft curls, and without the junk chemicals. If you like the way your hair turns out after using Mixed Chicks, try this combination, your hair texture might be like mine and you will fall in love! Apply leave-in all over in sections, apply just enough gel, don't need too much but don't be scared to use it either, it will be fine, I find the more I use it doesn't impact my curls badly, just a bit more hold but not crispy, just keep curls in tact. Flip hair, scrunch, then blot with paper towel, then let air dry, wait two hours or so before touching, then fluff upside down as much as needed. You will be AMAZED. I've been doing this for a month and still love the results. I'm a product junkie, tried Miss Jessie, Mixed Chicks, Uncle Funky's Daughter, and many more...this is by far the best results I've ever had! Thank you CJ!! = ) @curly206

  • 4

    Posted by jamieaugie (Type 3a) on 04/30/2011

    (I actually have a mix of 2b, 2c, and 3a curls.) I recently switched to Curl Junkie products because of the high ratings they've received on this site and now I can't imagine using anything else--I love them. I've been using this gel in combination with Daily Fix and the Argan & Olive Oil Conditioner and my hair has been transformed. This gel is very lightweight yet provides superior hold and curl formation (I'm truly amazed by how terrific my hair looks now). It's similar to Deva's AnGel in that it's clear and dries hard on your hair, but unlike AnGel, this stuff doesn't leave your hair feeling sticky and you don't have to cleanse multiple times to get all the gel out. Once my hair's nearly dry, I just lightly scrunch the curls a bit and it softens quite nicely; I have NO frizz and my hair actually looks shiny. No other styling product has EVER made this happen! I have to let my hair air dry in order to get the best results, which is totally fine now that the weather is warmer (and actually cuts a lot of time out of my morning routine). The *only* reason that I didn't give this product a five is because I don't like the scent; it's very unappealing to me and I wish it smelled like the new conditioner instead. If they can make a better smelling version of this gel, then I think I have found my HG product. :)

  • 5

    Posted by frizzmenomore (Type 2c) on 04/17/2011

    Awesome! Love the light smell, it's a very clean scent. The feel goes on nice and slick (like silicone with out silicone problems) has a great hold, once dried I pull the ahir back as in pony tail to loosen and then the curls stay together without the frizz or the crunch. A+ worth the $ (oh and a little goes a long way, used shake and rake method styling)

  • 3

    Posted by lapluie (Type 3b) on 04/13/2011

    Adds shine, but makes my hair flat no matter how little I use. Guess too heavy. CJ conditioners and leave ins work much better for me than stylers. One interesting thing about this product and other CJ styling ones is that I always use a pomade once my hair is dry, no matter what I put in it, and it's always an improvement. But it seems CJ stylers don't work well with any pomade i tried over them. They want to be on their own. Too bad they don't work well on their own.

  • 3

    Posted by criswithcurls (Type 3b) on 04/13/2011

    This worked okay. My curls kept their shape, yes, but it didn't hold my frizz at bay. I kept having to use more and more product to keep the frizz away.

  • 2

    Posted by riotkitty (Type 2c) on 02/22/2011

    This is definitely not for for my 2a-b waves. It actually seemed to pull my curl out left my hair a mess. Also the smell is way to strong and it lingers in my hair. It does give a lot of body and shine but its not worth it to me if my hair is a mess. Back to ol' faithful KCCC.

  • 5

    Posted by naturally_sassy (Type 3c) on 02/14/2011

    I love this stuff!!! Was very skeptical about purchasing it because it states that its for wavy-curl normal-fine hair but my thick 3c/4a curls LOVED it my hair had just enough hold and im able to get 4day hair with it minumil shrickage though I would never find anything beyond kinky curly..this with the smoothing lotion is my new STAPLE!!

  • 3

    Posted by CrescentCityQT (Type 3c) on 11/23/2010

    I have been using this product for a few weeks now and have tried it with a few different LI's underneath. I like the amount of hold I get from this product and the consistency is not like any other gel I've used. It gets 4 curls because the smell is a little too overpowering for me, but it does simmer down a bit once my hair is dry. Don't know if I will repurchase this in the future.

  • 5

    Posted by currrlygurrrly (Type 3b) on 11/12/2010

    May I just say.... LOVE THIS GEL!!! It has a consistency between the CIAB and the CAAFL. It's awesome at holding curls, keeps them frizz free, and give a slightly stronger hold than the CIAB. I am totally impressed with all the new CJ products. I loved them before, and I love them even more now!

  • 5

    Posted by FairlyCurly (Type 3a) on 11/11/2010

    Curl Queen is awesome! It's the best gel I've tried so far b/c it gives great hold, great shine and makes your hair really soft. It doesn't weigh me down and it's easy to rinse out. I don't have any complaints, but I will say that this works much better for me when I use it with a rinse-out. It works really well with any of the Curl Junkie rinse-out conditioners. Please do not stop making this stuff!!!

  • 5

    Posted by MirCurls (Type 3b) on 11/06/2010

    My absolute favorite gel. It doesn't dry out my hair and doesn't cause the "glycerin frizz" I often get, cause it's glycerin free. It's moisturizing AND has a medium hold. Aids in clumping, for those who like that. I like to use it as a last step after LI and curl enhancer (works amazing with Re:coil, with flaxseed gelee, and with SS Curl Enhancing Jelly). For those who like a stronger hold, you can even use a touch of BRHG over this. I like the medium, touchable, soft hold myself. The scent falls in the "clean, soapy, perky" category. I think it's described as a "white tea", but I find it's more "clean soapy tea". :)

    If you have fine, dry, porous hair like me (I'm 3b), definitely worth a try. Does not weigh me down. Does not supercrunch.

  • 5

    Posted by EllyEllyOxenFree (Type 3c) on 10/21/2010

    I like this better with a leave-in - I get plump, moisturizing, soft curls! It's recommended for looser curls, but I'm 3c/4a and it' works great! Really eliminates the frizzies!

  • 5

    Posted by MissCurlGirl (Type 3a) on 10/07/2010

    I almost didn't recognize the container because mine is purple with gold. Almost though it was a different product, LOL. Anyway, I love the scent, the consistancy and the hold from this product. Works very well mixed with BRHG. I think this will always be my go to line of products.

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