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Darcy's Botanicals Herbal Leave-In Conditioning Spritz

Brand: Darcy's Botanicals

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Darcy's Botanicals Herbal Leave-In Conditioning Spritz gives your coils and waves an instant boost of moisture.

4.5 (9 ratings)
Size: 8 oz.

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Darcy's Botanicals Herbal Leave-In Conditioning Spritz gives your coils and waves an instant boost of moisture. Use this throughout the week to revive and refresh your curls.This is an excellent moisturizer, conditioner and refresher for locs, twists, braids, curls and waves!

HOW DOES THIS WORK? Spritz directly onto wet or dry locs, waves, twists, braids, or coils for instant moisture boost or to refresh your hair and scalp.


99% Natural, 100% Vegan


Botanical infusion of Distilled Water, Organic Nettle, Organic Peppermint leaves, Organic Burdock Root, Organic Horsetail, Organic Marshmallow Root, Organic Coltsfoot, Organic Sage, Organic Hibiscus Flowers, Organic Sea Kelp, Organic Sea Moss, Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Aloe Juice, Sea Salt, Tangerine, Peppermint & Tea Tree Essential Oils, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol.

Ingredient Attribute: Organic
Paraben Free
Silicone Free
Sulfate Free
Cruelty Free

Styling Tips

  • Spritz directly onto wet or dry locs, waves, twists, braids, or coils for instant moisture boost.
  • Use to gently soften and detangle.
  • Use it as a daily or weekly leave-in to naturally condition dry curls & waves.
  • Use to add much-needed moisture to parched curls and locs.
  • Use to condition locs, twists and braids.

Customer reviews

  • 5

    Posted by jtabb79 (Type 4c) on 11/18/2015

    Yasssss! That's all I can say. My hair absolutely positively lives this product! When using this product for the first time, it instantly softened, detangled and moisturized my 4b/c extremely kinky, course and coily hair. This product has been added to my HG List!!! #Love

  • 5

    Posted by myeshia60435 (Type 4b) on 02/03/2014

    Love it!! I was not expecting a spray leave to have detangling abilities. Moisturizing and it really kept my hair from being dry while I had it in a protective style. This product is a staple!!

  • 3

    Posted by rhollandnyc (Type 3c) on 01/11/2013

    I really like this product; however, during the cold months I cannot wear it nor any product with aloe vera juice in it. Aloe vera juice makes my hair hard during the winter. I will conintue to use this product during the summer and autumn months.

  • 5

    Posted by ebony.heart (Type Unkown) on 10/11/2012

    LOVE the smell, and the tingle it gives. i wish they'd make a deep conditioner.

  • 5

    Posted by Angela0804 (Type 4c) on 08/25/2012

    I love this stuff. It smells like peppermint essential oil, and it is very lightly scented. It is awesome as a refresher/daily moisturizer. I am spritzing this in my hair every morning and every night. It is so moisturizing that most of the time I skip sealing with an oil. I also use it to detangle my wet hair and it detangles so well. My scalp tends to be itchy all the time but this calms and cools my scalp so much that I can't see myself without this product.

  • 1

    Posted by sg (Type Unkown) on 06/23/2012

    I love Darcy's Botanicals and this has the potential to be a great conditioning/refreshing spray. It works well at a reasonable cost.

    For me the issue is the smell. It smells heavy and medicinal like Vick's vapor rub. As a user I smell it most right after spaying but other people have commented on the smell which does cling to my hair. All of the other Darcy's products I have used work well and have a pleasant smell.

    I like this product and I have been trying to figure out an essential oil that I can add to neutralize the horrible smell. I won't buy more of this spray as it currently formulated. However if Darcy's makes a pleasant smelling version I will purchase it again.

  • 5

    Posted by dresdendoll (Type 2c) on 05/13/2012

    At first, I didn't like this very much because it didn't make my hair soft, and it even felt gummy. However, then I started spraying 5 sprays into my hands first (instead of spraying all around and directly on the hair,) and it's wonderful! I was able to get 3rd day hair with this, and it feels so smooth now, as well as hydrated! Also, if my scalp is feeling itchy, I just rub some of this on there. It cools it down without making my scalp or hair feel greasy. I just love it! I also LOOOOOVE Darcy's Botanicals Cleansing Conditioner Cream and Curling Cream-Gel. I have been using them for a little over a month now. This is probably the best brand I've used! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, especially since all of their products are $12!

  • 5

    Posted by CoolBreeze (Type 4b) on 04/16/2011

    Luv this product! I use it on my hair & scalp due to the great ingredients. I like the smell; even though its herbal it doesn't have a strong/heavy smell. It does add moisture to my hair.

  • 5

    Posted by nefertiti (Type 3c) on 08/05/2010

    This is a great product!!It works great for my wash and go.I have not tried it with with a 2 strand twist. It works great with my gel KCC or other gels i use. It helps to moisturize but does not leave my hair greasy. For this product to work i need to add vegetable glycerin to it. I'm sorry i don't measure i just use a little bit, maybe a tsp. My hair loves vegetable glycerin.I also use vegetable glycerin, water and olive oil mixture with this product. If this information helps anyone.I have not tried it alone with my gel. My hair is very curly and I am a 3c/4a. I hope this is helpful:)

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