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Texture My Way Easy Comb Leave-In Detangling and Softening Cream Therapy

Brand: Texture My Way

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Easy Comb instantly softens and detangles hair while eliminating frizz.

4 (33 ratings)
Size: 12 oz

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Instantly detangle, moisturize and soften at the same time! By infusing hair with deep penetrating natural conditioners including Shea Butter & Extra Virgin Olive Oil, EASY COMB helps the comb glide through the toughest tangels, minimizing breakage and leaving hair feeling silky soft. Gentle enough fo daily use, it is excellent moisture therapy for coiled, curly, frizzy, wavy, mixed-textured and hard-to-manage hair types. 



Ingredient Attribute: Sulfate Free
Paraben Free

Styling Tips

Apply generously to wet or dry hair. Gently massage into scalp and work through hair from roots to ends. Style as desired. For best results, shampoo with HYDRATE! Moisture intensive softening shampoo, conditoin with TEXTURE CONTROL moisture intensive Dual Conditioner and detangle with EASY COMB leave-in detangling & Softening Creme therapy. 

Customer reviews

  • 3

    Posted by nadegejuste84 (Type Unknown) on 06/02/2015

    Even if I've seen worst, but I've also seen better. It is moisturizing, but the slip wasn't that wow for a detangling leave in. But it also cocktail good with most of my challenging stlyling product. It's one of the only leave that I can combine with ecostlyer and cantu.

  • 5

    Posted by BARBIEISMEV (Type 4a) on 03/26/2015

    Although this has silicons , it left my 4a hair very soft and it felt very moisturized. This moisture lasted for days although I tend to be a bit heavy handed and I didn't experience any product build up or the usual dirty/greasy look . It is lightweight and my curls seemed to bounce , this made detangling a breeeze plus it works well with gels and it's custard counterpart. I recommend this product out of al those in this line.

  • 3

    Posted by vaa263 (Type 4b) on 12/03/2014

    The product was ok the first day, I felt that my hair was well moisturized and very soft. But the second day, my hair started to feel very dry and there was a lot of residue. Good for detanging though.

  • 3

    Posted by CurlyCoilyKelly (Type 4a) on 10/14/2014

    This leave in worked well with my kinky/coily hair. It didn't wow me, but it got the job done. I love the citrus scent!

  • 4

    Posted by Steya (Type 3b) on 10/13/2014

    For a leave in, leave my hair defined (when I use alone). But when I use the Keep it Curly with it, leaves my hair dry. Works well with others products (flaxseed gel). NO like citrus scent

  • 3

    Posted by rjbyrne3 (Type Unknown) on 10/12/2014

    I feel like this product is a very good detangler. It made combing my hair a lot easier. However, it really doesn't work for me as a leave-in conditioner. I felt like my 3B hair was dry and became pretty frizzy on the ends. I really don't care for the fragrance, although it fades as it dries.

  • 3

    Posted by LaLaPoP (Type 3c) on 10/12/2014

    I'm kind of on the fence with this one, it's a little on the runny side, lightweight, smells great and has pretty good slip to it. The reason im on the fence about it is because while all that i mentioned above is great my hair felt dry after a few hours. it looked good but felt terrible, i plan to try it out a few more times before i make my final decision on it

  • 4

    Posted by Nicohall (Type 4a) on 10/10/2014

    I loved this detangler!!! It has great slip and easily worked through my hair. I also used it on my daughters who are a 2B and 3A and it worked just as nicely. My husband loved the smell.

  • 2

    Posted by lizamcgraw (Type Unknown) on 10/10/2014

    Worked great on detangling my hair. I used this with the deep conditioner and curl pudding. A few hours after my wash n go my hair was a frizzy mess. Also all 3 products did not have the greatest smell.

  • 4

    Posted by acuckler (Type Unknown) on 10/10/2014

    I liked how it detangled my hair, but I didn't like the smell of it.

  • 4

    Posted by lizmat (Type 3b) on 10/09/2014

    This product detangled my hair so quickly and has great slip. It's great! I didn't like the scent but the product works wonders.

  • 5

    Posted by Lakishag (Type Unknown) on 10/01/2014

    They should rename this MIRACLE IN A BOTTLE!!! It was super easy, scary kind of, to detangle my hair after applying this product!

  • 4

    Posted by didifs7 (Type 3b) on 09/30/2014

    It was a solid leave in conditioner that gave great slip and detangles really well. It's not as thick as I'd like a leave in to be, so I ended up using a good bit of product to get the moisture I was looking for, but at that price point, I didn't flinch too much about using a lot. I will say that the scent is a bit overpowering. As much as I love mango, it smells like artificial mango, and I wasn't a huge fan of that.

  • 5

    Posted by vjackson93 (Type 4a) on 09/29/2014

    This is one of my favorite detanglers!

    I don't have to detangle often as my hair is still quite short, but when I do, this is the bottle I reach for more often then not. I love it! Great slip! Great smell! Decent definition! Tons of moisture! My mom uses it on her color-treated relaxed hair as a moisturizer and it works wonders for her as well! This is definitely one of my staples now!

  • 2

    Posted by lalapop (Type Unkown) on 09/28/2014

    while this did help detangle my hair i did not find it to be moisturizing enough and it seemed to weigh my hair down which was suprising because it has a thin runny consistency. On the plus side it smells amazing and i got a ton of compliments on how good my hair smelled but i don't think i'll continue using this

  • 3

    Posted by le_petitedame (Type 4a) on 09/28/2014

    I gave this product 3 curls because it has amazing slip. I used this on dry, tangled twist out and it got me through all the knots in my hair. It was very moisturizing and I didn't need to use water first to get through my hair. My only gripe with this product is the glycerin, my hair hates glycerin because I have fine hair and it makes my hair lip and undefined.

  • 5

    Posted by aaliyahm95 (Type 3b) on 09/27/2014

    got this as a free sample with my purchase
    I LOVE this. it smells great and softens my hair and makes it easy to comb through
    it did its job
    the price makes it fabulous too!
    its a little runny but at this price and its effects its awesome!
    however if you use this to moisturize please layer a cream on top! (i used all of the samples for this line)

  • 3

    Posted by Juwalkie (Type 4b) on 09/26/2014

    I give this 3 curls because it does really well as a detangler. My hair was amazingly easy to detangle, but the product isn't moisturizing at all. My hair even though wet while detangling I had to apply my normal leave in just for some moisture. I just hated the way it made my hair feel l. Will continue to use just because of the easy detangling session.

  • 4

    Posted by whitfsv (Type 4a) on 09/21/2014

    I gave this product 4 curls because it did what it was supposed to do, detangle. It gave me some slip especially since my conditioning session did not go well. The consistency is a little thin but it gets the job done. The scent is nice but it feels moisturizing going on but I would not just let it dry alone on my hair seems like it would not be as moisturizing used alone.

  • 5

    Posted by wjlsg88 (Type Unknown) on 09/19/2014

    I am definitely buying this when I run out! Most of the time I have to combine my normal leave in with something to help with slip but this is a nice neat little package of slip AND moisture! I used it on freshly washed hair and it cut my styling time down significantly. 4 days later I used it on my dry and busted curl and they came right back to life. De-tangling was a breeze then too. I usually stay away from runny leave in conditioners because the 4b section of my hair hates it but the consistency played well with all of my 3c 4ab hair. It did everything it said it would do plus I like the smell which I still can't put my finger on. It's like a fruity light flowery something.

  • 3

    Posted by kenyah (Type 4a) on 09/19/2014

    This product was ok for me. I prefer a creamier leave in, the consistency was a little runny. I didn't have to use a lot. I was expecting it to make my hair feel sticky and coated. On dry hair, it detangled my hair and left it soft. As far as moisturizing, it was just so-so. I feel like it worked better when paired with the curl pudding on my hair. This wouldn't make my staple list, but I would use it again.

  • 5

    Posted by mrskina.weld (Type 4a) on 09/18/2014

    I LOVE this product!! Everything that it says it is meant to do, it does!! I put this on my hair after washing and I had not detangled prior to because I wanted to see if it would do what it said! I began to apply this leave in detangling and softening creme to my hair in sections and I began to detangle. Baby when I tell you that my wide tooth comb was able to glide through my natural 4A hair with ease, you better believe it!! I was amazed at how easy it broke up my tangles and not to mention so far the products that I have tried from this line all smell the same, have the same color, texture and consistency! I rarely come across a product that can melt away my tangles with ease and leave me with barely any shed hair, LITERALLY! This product right here will definitely be used again and again! I loved the way it left my hair feeling amazingly soft and well moisturized!

  • 4

    Posted by Nia_Danielle (Type 4a) on 09/15/2014

    This product has really amazing slip. I was having trouble at first but I figured out that I had to let the product sit on my hair for a few seconds to really get the benefit of the slip and see the true quality of the product. I used it after washing and my Denman brush went through the tangles a lot quicker than without it. I also like the smell which is a nice, light citrus smell, not too overpowering. Outside of that I did not feel like it left my hair exceptionally soft and moisturized which is part of the description so I gave it a 4.

  • 4

    Posted by angelajwms (Type 3c) on 09/14/2014

    My hair was a MESS! Hadn't shingled or deep conditioned for two weeks. Had been pulling it back into a wet ponytail w/ conditioner. Used this to detangle today and got amazing slip. If I had one wish it would be that it was a bit thicker with a little more slip, but it definitely passed the test. I only had one patch of hair that required me to break out the comb to finish the job (I typically only use fingers) but I lost very little hair. I would recommend this to a friend and purchase again. The inexpensive product packs a punch.

  • 4

    Posted by teecurls (Type 3c) on 07/30/2014

    The description of this product does exactly what it says for my 3c/4a hair. So I give it a high rating. I don't give it a 5 star only because it's a little thinner in consistency than I like, but I guess if it still does the job maybe it shouldn't matter? LOL. So a little goes a long way, especially for most of my hair which is 3c. My patch of 4a likes a little more. Overall, it's a good leave-in.

  • 5

    Posted by merelb (Type Unkown) on 07/11/2014

    I bought this product on a whim and boy am I glad I did! I have 4C natural hair. This product is a great detangler and leave-in. It leaves my hair soft and very moisturized. The citrus scent is pleasant. Great for my children's hair also. I bought two more bottles just to make sure I don't run out too quickly.

  • 4

    Posted by luciemine (Type Unknown) on 05/15/2014

    So sweet, I braided cos I was transitioning from permed to natural but when I applied, whoa! It detangled all the tangled, left my hair soft and easy combo. Good buy and will recommend for anybody.

  • 5

    Posted by brownsuga (Type 3c) on 01/07/2014

    Love love this. It makes my hair so soft and it really does detangle. Tried it in my 4 year old's hair and its amazing no more tears. I just dampen the hair a bit with a spritz bottle containing water then add the condition. I let it soak in a bit then the comb just glides through. This has made doing my daughter hair so easy.

  • 3

    Posted by Tropical Curl (Type Unknown) on 11/08/2013

    Good leave in for the money.

  • 5

    Posted by sexyrid (Type 4c) on 09/29/2013

    This product makes being natural so easy! Love this product line!

  • 5

    Posted by Haircare (Type Unkown) on 09/29/2013

    Very good moisturizer. It reminds me of Aunt Jackie's leave in. My hair is very moisturized and it lasts all day. I love the smell too. I am going to try the shampoo and conditioner too.

  • 3

    Posted by Hunny_B_Naturale (Type 4a) on 06/10/2013

    The smell is very citrusy and the slip was ok. But overall it does what it says...detangles. I like it but Im not in love. So I will be trying other products.

  • 5

    Posted by atx_eve (Type 4a) on 01/17/2013

    the entire line smells like oranges. the product description is actually spot on -- i could INSTANTLY detangle my hair when i applied this. instant slip and a lot of it! I don't use combs anymore, so I'm always looking for super slippery conditioners because i only use my fingers. The tangles just melted away... consistency is kind of thin and slippery and idk what it is, but it WORKS

    honestly, i wasn't expecting this product to do much. but i was very very wrongggggg.

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