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Jane Carter Solution Hair Nourishing Cream

Brand: Jane Carter Solution

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Hair Nourishing Cream is a lighter version of Jane Carter's popular Nourish & Shine.

3.5 (20 ratings)
Size: 4 oz.

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This ultra-light cream hair dress is loaded with shea, mango, cocum and iliipe butters and is designed to nourish and hydrate finer curly hair. As a finisher, it adds fabulous shine and definition. It's a lighter version of Jane Carter's popular Nourish & Shine.


Purified water, shea butter, kokum butter, illippe butter, mango butter, vitamins A, D & F, certified organic oils of orange, grapefruit, palmarosa, cedarwood, geranium, ylang ylang, bergamot, rosemary, jojoba, glycerin, polysorbate 80, acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, phenoxyethanol, potassium sorbate, sorbic acid

Ingredient Attribute: Paraben Free
Protein Free
Silicone Free
Sulfate Free
Cruelty Free

Customer reviews

  • 2

    Posted by jd1234007 (Type 2b) on 02/18/2014

    this did nothing for my 2b waves, i was expecting a lot more since this is expensive. i didnt use a lot because the instructions told me that only little was needed. the smell was too strong too and i didnt like it. i did try to use a moderate amount to see if that would do anything but it only weighed down my hair so i dont think its an ultra light hairdress like it says it is.

  • 2

    Posted by MiaDarlene (Type 4a) on 02/06/2013

    I LOVE Jane Carter Solutions and I really wanted to love this product. I was very happy when it was available after being out of stock for so long. I liked the idea of a lighter daily moisturizer, But the smell is terrible!!! I really wish that I had not purchased this cream. I'll continue using wrap and roll and nourish and shine but this one will be under the sink.

  • 2

    Posted by tricia.stark (Type Unknown) on 07/12/2012

    I have Type 4c (very lil 4b) hair. The first time I tried this product it make my hair feel so soft. However, I noticed later on in the the day it was crunchy dry. I gave it another go and same result. I dont think this is for 4c hair. It has something in it that makes our hair feel dry and crunchy.

  • 4

    Posted by mzriley10 (Type Unkown) on 03/13/2012

    I love this cream!! I have dense, but fine and coily 4a/b/c hair. Yeah, all three on one head! I found the best way to use it to only use a DIME size, spread it in my hands, and crunch it on the ends. I do it once or twice as needed and proceed with my next steps. If you're careful not to apply it too heavily, it works well on dry, damp, or wet hair. It's a moisturizer, so it's not meant to hold. Pairs well with lighter gels.

  • 4

    Posted by curlykid13 (Type 3b) on 03/11/2012

    Great for bantu knots and curlformers. Any curl set is good for this!!! Great for before you go the bed or wash and go's!!!!

  • 5

    Posted by FemmeNaturel (Type 4b) on 06/09/2011

    I really like this product. It is a bit on the pricey side. It leaves my hair soft and moisturized.

  • 2

    Posted by Beebop (Type 3a) on 02/04/2011

    Tried this as well as the nourish and shine and it is also too heavy for my hair and left it a greasy mess.

  • 2

    Posted by lawofcurls12 (Type 4b) on 10/19/2010

    Not for 4b hair. All it did was leave my hair "wet." No real moisture. Just wet. I prefer the nourish and shine paired with the jane carter revitalizing spray for thicker textures like mine.

  • 4

    Posted by darlingdiva (Type 4a) on 05/18/2010

    I have 4a natural hair & I love this product. It moisturizes my hair without weighing it down.

  • 2

    Posted by Hakim Nuraldin (Type 4a) on 06/19/2009

    At first I really liked this stuff. My first experience was at a natural hair salon where they use her whole line. I continued using it after I had the cornrows out. Initially, it made mey hair soft, but was a little drying over time. Not to mention the tremendous ITCHING that I got from this stuff. I must be allergic to one or more of the ingredients. I used all kinds of stuff to dig into my scalp because it itched so bad. It really dried the heck outta my scalp too. Big UFO sized flakes. And I didn't have a dandruff problem before using this product. Very disappointed.

  • 5

    Posted by vickiepickles (Type 4a) on 04/28/2009

    Absolutely love this product for my 4a hair. It smells great and gives shine. Not as heavy as Nourish and Shine.

  • 5

    Posted by breezybaby (Type 3b) on 12/29/2008

    Gives the most incredible feel to curls.

    *It's a bit pricey though

  • 2

    Posted by Toranika (Type 3c) on 12/25/2008

    I love the smell but the product did not define my curls. Leaving it uneven and messy.-Florida

  • 2

    Posted by ebell (Type 3c) on 10/15/2008

    I was extremely disappointed with this product. My hair type is 3c/4a and it seemed not to penetrate my hair and left it dehydrated and spongy. I gave it to my husband, who wears a short fade and it seems to work for him.

  • 4

    Posted by rebecca (Type 3b) on 08/18/2007

    It has its uses, but only in certain weather for my fine 3b hair. Good for wintertime, but when summer rolls around, it weighs down my hair too much

  • 5

    Posted by trj1922 (Type 3c) on 11/10/2006

    Even though I have tight dry curls, I actually like this version of Nourish and Shine better than the original because it is easier to spread and still moisturizes very well! No greasiness either!

  • 5

    Posted by noelle76 (Type 3c) on 10/30/2006

    Outstanding product! Actually one of the best leave-in conditioners I have ever tried! It left my hair soft, defined and moisturized with bouncy curls and intense shine! No build up nor greasy feeling, but a nice wipped-cream consistency that completely melts into the hair! I have tried it for the first time a few months back and have been a loyal customer since then! Worth it! :)

  • 4

    Posted by curls2grow (Type 3b) on 08/13/2005

    I loved the soft, whipped consistency of this product -- it was very easy to distribute in my hair. The lemony scent was very intense. Also, after several nights back-to-back, I found that my ends did not feel as moisturized as with straight shea butter. For these 2 reasons I rate it a 3.

  • 5

    Posted by michelle (Type 3b) on 01/21/2005

    Love this product. While I love Nourish & Shine, I think this is a better product for long hair like mine. It's got a lighter consistency, but still has the great qualities of Nourish & Shine.

  • 5

    Posted by gretchen (Type 3a) on 01/06/2005

    A wonderfully lighter version of Jane Carter's fabulous Nourish & Shine. A fabulous finishing product to add defintion and shine.

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