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Jessicurl Gelebration Spray

Brand: Jessicurl

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A lighter version of Rockin' Ringlets, for finer-haired curlies. Works as hard to define your curls, but is light enough that it won't weigh them down.

4 (32 ratings)
Size: 8 oz.

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A lighter version of Rockin' Ringlets, for finer-haired curlies. Works as hard to define your curls, but is light enough that it won't weigh them down.

Available in three scents:

Citrus Lavender

Island Fantasy

No Fragrance


Water (Aqua), Organic Linum Usitatissimum (Flax) Seeds, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Vegetable Glycerin, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt), Diazolidinyl Urea (and) Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate

Ingredient Attribute: Fragrance Free
Paraben Free
Protein Free
Silicone Free
Sulfate Free
Cruelty Free

Customer reviews

  • 4

    Posted by rudakishka (Type 2b) on 08/22/2015

    I got this in Island Fantasy. Very pleasant smell, watery consistency so it wasn't to heavy on my very thin hair. When I applied it to wet hair and it dried, it was crunchy and dry. It took a bit of dry scrunching to get it to sit right, but I was pretty pleased with the result. My waves were a bit more defined, but there was little to no hold. It does contain magnesium sulfate, which can be drying to hair, so I wouldn't use this without a good leave-in.

  • 5

    Posted by wish71 (Type 2b) on 01/10/2015

    Provides a light hold and good definition. It is good on those days I just want beachy waves a la Alexa Chung and her 'chop' hair cut. It also works nicely in combo with Spiralicious.

  • 4

    Posted by aiobhan (Type 3b) on 04/20/2014

    Good gel! Not very thick, so it doesn't make curls crunchy. Make sure to use it with a cream or something underneath - it provides good hold but not much frizz control/smoothing on its own. I use it with Rockin' Ringlets and the Confident Coils cream.

  • 2

    Posted by mis911 (Type 2b) on 02/09/2013

    I have just past shoulder length hair, fine, bleach blond, mix of 2b-3a curls,
    I used in combination with confident coils as recommended.
    The first time it worked fantastic, Improved curl pattern, lasting for days!, got very excited.
    But from the 2nd attempt on it lost it's zest & my hair would feel so dry & became more difficult to wash in the shower.
    So hato stop using it.
    Also, not too fond about the stickiness feel of it.
    Maybe once I restore the moisture in my hair I will use this combination once again & see what results I get & save it just for outings so not to dry it out again.

  • 3

    Posted by powersct (Type 3a) on 10/27/2012

    I have wavy to boticelli like curls, very fine and chemically treated (hi-lites). I'm not 100% sure, but think this is the one step in the jessicurl cocktail that made my hair overly dry. The cleansing cream is great, the gentle lather is nice, Too Shea could be more moisturizing, but is good, confident coils was 'ok'. Gelebration worked better for me to just put it on the very ends to get my wavy hair to take on a bit more curl, but if I put it all over (and it does help with frizz, but works best for me if I just graze it over the frizzies halo) it makes my hair stringy and crunchy looking. I also feel this product line requires way too many products to get just a good, 'soft curl that's defined' look. Beyond the basic three, they try to convince you you need another additional 2-3 products. Overall a fan, but so far DevaCurl I like a lot more. The Tropical Scent of this line is WONDERFUL, could last longer, but at least you're not assaulted with the horrid peach scent CURLS line subjects you to.

  • 5

    Posted by JJ (Type 2b) on 09/04/2012

    Get ready for a wake up calls to your curls! Readily helps initiate the formation of your own curls!

  • 5

    Posted by ChristyCheryl (Type 3b) on 04/26/2012

    I have fine/medium hair. And this worked really great! having a wonderful curl day! :D

  • 3

    Posted by seamelody14 (Type 3a) on 03/16/2012

    Ok it was my fault that I didn't love this, I do not have fine hair by any means. It was way too light and very watery. I prefer Rockin' Ringlets as a gel. This was ok for 2nd day hair, however, I still prefer CIAB for that too. The IF fragrance does smell great though.

  • 5

    Posted by happyhair (Type 3a) on 08/14/2011

    This is stuff is amazing!!! I'm naturally a very fine, light 3a, and before I found this product, it was imppossible to find products that make my curls happy without weighing them down. Most products either don't do anything, or if they do my hair gets heavy, clumpy, dull, and gross-feeling. But this is such a workhorse, it makes my curls perfectly defined and touchably soft, without making my hair feel heavy, gross, or crunchy. This is because Jessie doesn't use any sulfates, silicones, parabens, or ingredients not found out in nature. From a chemistry perspective, silicones are not water-soluble, so they just end up building up and building up in your hair and damaging it in the long run. Because Jessie doesn't use these in her products, they always stay fresh in your hair and rinse out cleanly in the shower. Finally, she offers this product in two scents, citrus lavender and some other island-y scent. I've never tried the island scent, but I adore the citrus lavender. The lavender notes aren't too strong, and it just smells clean and fresh and confident and beautiful, nothing too cakey or sickly sweet. i like to spray a few squirts into my hands and work it through my hair, followed by a dime-sized amount of Mop Top anti-frizz Gel. No product overload, just clean, fresh, curly, happy hair right here.

  • 3

    Posted by BigRed (Type 3b) on 03/22/2011

    A great solution away from hair sprays that normally make my hair a sticky mess. It could be a bit stronger for my liking but it does the job pretty well without making pesky knots.

  • 5

    Posted by SFNanny (Type 3b) on 02/24/2011

    My hair LOVES this product! It is meant to go on while your hair is soaking wet, as a primer, before styling product. I ended up spraying the product in my hands rather than spray on, to get better coverage. Jessicurl products are healing my sad damaged hair.

  • 5

    Posted by bellaxbianca (Type 3a) on 12/18/2010

    I love this product!! It made my curls so beautiful!!!

  • 4

    Posted by mschris (Type 3b) on 09/29/2010

    Great for curl definition without getting heavy or crunchy. I found it best to spray it in my hand and spread it around.

  • 3

    Posted by WavyLyss489 (Type 2c) on 08/17/2010

    I love the smell of this but I don't love the spray as much. It worked to hold my waves but it didn't help with my frizz and it also gave me the crunchy, wet look that I try to avoid. By the end of the day my hair almost seemed like I hadn't put any product in that morning.

  • 4

    Posted by amberdm (Type 2b) on 07/23/2010

    Hair Type: 2b/c
    I highly recommend this product if your hair is the type that gets easily weighed down. This product worked really well for my thick wavy hair. I applied GS to my wet hair, distributed it with a comb, and then scrunched with my microfiber towel. GS gives my curls definition without weighing them down. I've tried many other curl enhancers (JC included) and they all weigh down my curls and give my hair a wet crunchy look (I hate that). I like to use this product in conjunction with JC Awe Inspiriling Spray, and/or HH Tousle Me Softly Hair Spray.

  • 4

    Posted by bubbaloo (Type Unknown) on 01/31/2010

    I have fine, wavy hair, but lots of it. It is not naturally dry at all, and my scalp tends to be more toward the oily side. Gelebration Spray didn't do too much to help my hair in any way and was thus a waste of money. It's for finer-haired curlies like me, but I thought that it was too light to help me much with curl formation, and it had no holding power at all. It seemed mostly like spraying water on my hair with the tiniest bit of gel mixed in. By the way, I've used all the Jessicurl products in the unscented versions, and even though each has its own very light natural smell from the ingredients in it, I do appreciate the opportunity to be able to purchase products without strong scent!

  • 5

    Posted by Wiggilyhair (Type 3a) on 11/12/2007

    Great product! I prefer gels in spray form,so this is perfect roduct for my fine hair. I can use it by itself with good results or under CCSS. Just depends on my mood. I've loved everything of Jessicurl's that I've tried. I don't like to pay shipping so that's the only reason I try other products.

  • 4

    Posted by Suzy (Type 3a) on 03/17/2006

    I really like this product when I want my baby fine curls to be light and airy. When I want more definition, I use RR. It's really nice to have a choice.

  • 1

    Posted by jool (Type 3a) on 11/26/2005

    This product did nothing for my hair at all. I have thick 3a hair. I tried this all different ways: different amounts, on its own, with other Jessicurl styling products, on wet hair, on dry hair... nothing. My hair was as if I'd put nothing it it, which is the worst feeling in the world. Love the Jessicurl shampoos/conditioners, but the styling products are money down the drain.

  • 5

    Posted by netg (Type 3a) on 10/24/2005

    I use Gelebration with Confident Coils, and find it's just right for my hair. My hair likes to just get completely limp but frizzy, and I hate crunch-this gives me definition and real curls, without frizz all over. I love it!

  • 4

    Posted by lushaholic (Type 2a) on 08/01/2005

    I love to use this under other styling products because it gives the extra oomph needed to certain areas that are less curly or wavy. Definitely a keeper and reorder!

  • 5

    Posted by jolie (Type 3b) on 05/24/2005

    Great product. I like it much better than Rockin' Ringlets for my hair. No hold or anti-frizz properties whatsoever, but it makes my curls happy and more even. I use it especially around the crown to get more volume.

  • 4

    Posted by ChicagoQ (Type 2b) on 10/28/2004

    An okay spray-in-gel. The smell is great but I don't like crunch in any form and as lite as this is it still had some crunch. When I did use it though it held well.

  • 1

    Posted by mskpharm (Type 3a) on 10/17/2004

    For some reason, this leaves my hair stringy, even I use a little bit. I have tried spraying it in my hands to get a more even application, but it didn't help. I prefer the Awe Inspiraling Spray/Confident Coils combination for bouncy non-frizzy curls.

  • 4

    Posted by Jenny Caperton (Type 2a) on 10/08/2004

  • 4

    Posted by superrach3 (Type 3a) on 08/20/2004

    to light to use on its own, but i like spraying it on after rockin' ringlets on the areas that tend to get more frizzy.

  • 5

    Posted by bluecelt (Type 3a) on 05/24/2004

    Love it! Like Rockin' Ringlets but much easier to distribute.

  • 5

    Posted by dazhidayong (Type 2b) on 04/21/2004

    Funny enough, this works much better than the more concentrated Rocking Ringlets, on me---a 2C with coarse heavy hair. (It is supposed to be for finer haired curlies.) I like the spray application, because scrunching in product or touching my hair in general results in frizz. Also, it is lightweight enough not to weigh my barely there waves down. It gives me good definition and shine, but no volume. I have to be careful not to use too much or I do end up with greasy looking clumps. This isn't my holy grail but is probably the closest I've come to finding it.

  • 5

    Posted by shorty448 (Type 3a) on 02/16/2004

    This product is really great for my fine, curly hair. Works well in conjunction with Rockin' Ringlets or another gel and is great for reviving curls. Leaves my curls soft, defined, and good smelling.

  • 5

    Posted by jodib70 (Type 3a) on 02/07/2004

    great product for fine-haired curlies. love the island fantasy fragrance. good hold and curl formation that rinses away in the shower for no product build-up

  • 4

    Posted by Wimpy Wavy (Type 2b) on 02/03/2004

    My hair:2b,3a and fine. I do like this as a curl enhancer. It comes as a spray, but actually comes out in a stream which lends itself to uneven application, so I spray it in my palm, rub hands together and apply. I do like to use gel or mousse on top as it doesn't have enough hold on its own.

  • 4

    Posted by michelle (Type 3b) on 02/01/2004

    I like this product as a curl reviver and when mixed with a stronger gel. It has a nice feel to it and does give good curl definition.

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