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Mixed Chicks Kids Shampoo

Brand: Mixed Chicks

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Finally, a tear free, gentle, natural, safe shampoo for our kids.

4.5 (9 ratings)
Size: 8 oz

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Finally, a tear free, gentle, natural, safe shampoo for our kids. Now you can wash tender scalps daily without fuss.


Water, Lauryl Glucoside, Disodium Cocoamphoacetate, Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate, Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate, Sodium PCA, Glycerin, Caprylyl Glyco, Caprylo Hydroxamic Acid, Citric Acid, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Oil

Ingredient Attribute: Paraben Free
Protein Free
Silicone Free
Sulfate Free
Cruelty Free

Styling Tips

  • Work through wet hair and massage into lather.
  • Rinse

Customer reviews

  • 4

    Posted by juleswilliams (Type 4a) on 02/18/2014

    Nice light lemon scent. Took off a star because it did not work well for my transitioning hair. However, it worked well for my son's 4a/b/c hair. It was not stripped and is softer than when I used baby shampoo. Will rebuy for his hair. Might try again for my hair when I am fully natural. The search continues for a mild shampoo.

  • 4

    Posted by julianasmom (Type 3c) on 01/20/2014

    I had to discontinue using all other mixed chicks products on my 2 year old daughter's hair, including MC deep conditioner, MC leave-in conditioner, MC shine serum, MC daily conditioner. My daughter's hair (up until 2 weeks ago) was in really bad shape. I couldn't understand why her hair was so dry and coarse, it was very frustrating styling her hair ; a complete nightmare to say the very least. It wasn't until I learned about her special hair properties that I realized

    A. The ingredients in MC"s products were causing my daughter's hair havoc (and)
    B. The reason why.

    She has very tight hair cuticles (lowest porosity possible) and is very protein sensitive therefore MC hair products are completely wrong for her.

    This shampoo however works very well on her hair, it does not dry out her hair, and gets rid off all build up. I shampoo her hair once every week. It's the only product from MC that I will ever use on my daughter's fine 3C hair. The price is also a plus, since we only wash once weekly this bottle will last up to 3 months.

    I recommend if you have the following hair properties:

    1. Low -porosity
    2. 3C - 4A curls
    3.Fine textured hair
    4.Protein sensitive

  • 5

    Posted by topprincess88 (Type 3c) on 11/27/2013

    I recieved a free sample from this product by purchasing something from
    I am not a kid, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! This product made my hair soooo soft. It provided great slip to my 3C hair. I will be purchasing the whole kit soon :)

  • 4

    Posted by (Type 3a) on 03/13/2013

    I love this shampoo. I use it to wash my 3years old twins hair(boy&girl) ,it was very defficult to get their hair clean but this shampoo works very well for them.

  • 4

    Posted by I and J in CL (Type 2a) on 12/27/2012

    I purchased a sample of this for my LO, and didn't like it very well. He has 3 a/c curls, and it really dried out his hair. I didn't like the smell very well either. I did like the way it cleaned my(2a) hair. I don't think I'd buy this product again, for me, it's just not worth my money.

  • 5

    Posted by Sweets4u (Type 3c) on 10/24/2012

    I bought this for my granddaughter who has very thick mixed chick hair...LOL
    It brings the bounce back to her little curls... Will be buying more

  • 5

    Posted by dclove0912 (Type 3a) on 09/17/2012

    I love this shampoo! I use it on my 3 month old (a curly boy like his mama!) and my almost 3 year old (wavy boy). It smells amazing: a nice, fresh orange scent that isn't overpowering. It leaves their hair so soft and doesn't dry out my 3 month old's skin at all. I'm sure my 3 year old would like it more if it didn't involve getting his hair washed ;)

  • 5

    Posted by arieg (Type 4a) on 06/07/2012

    This shampoo has a wonderful lemony scent. I don't use this on any child's head; I actually use it for myself! It cleanses SO gently. Usually when I wash my hair with harsh shampoos, my scalp will start to flake....really badly. That didn't happen with this shampoo. I also feel that it helps water penetrate my low porosity hair more easily. When I use it, my curls are defined.

  • 4

    Posted by mhen76 (Type 3b) on 11/13/2011

    I like this one a lot. Gentle, cleansing and good lather. It didn't leave my hair feeling stripped or dried out. I would definitely use this again.

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