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MyHoneyChild Coconut Hair Milk

Brand: MYHoneyChild

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Adds intense shine and conditioning.

4 (18 ratings)
Size: 8 oz.

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Coconut Hair Milk tames frizzy hair and how! Just as it smoothens your tresses and gives it an attractive shine, it hydrates and moisturizes for strength, body and definition. Light and non-greasy, Coconut Hair Milk is perfect for any occasion and any time of the day.



Purified Aqua (Water), Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Butter, Glycerin, Extra Virgin Olea Europaea L (Olive) Oil, Raw Mellis (Honey), Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Milk, Symphytum (Comfrey) Root, Parfum (Fragrance), Phenoxyethanol And Caprylyl Glycol (Optiphen)

Ingredient Attribute: Protein Free
Silicone Free

Styling Tips

  • On damp hair, apply evenly onto hair to assist in detangling.
  • Style as desired.
  • On dry hair, apply to activate curls.

Customer reviews

  • 4

    Posted by uofmpanther (Type 4a) on 02/23/2014

    I did not expect to like this because my hair hates coconut oil, but I really like it. The first time I used this, it didn't seem to moisturize my hair. However, I thankfully used it a second time and I've like it ever since. It revives my dry hair and keeps it moisturized.

  • 5

    Posted by (Type 4a) on 01/30/2014

    One of my favorite hair milk products. Very moisturizing but light and non-greasy. It's perfect in the summer.

  • 2

    Posted by Jacmicray (Type 4a) on 10/02/2013

    4a - 4c Naturalistas RUN. This milk is NOT for us. i didn't know it was possible for a leave-in to actually be Drying to our hair. I don't like it and I won't re-purchase. I think it would be okay on 3a or the 2 Hair Types. The only way I could use this was during my LOC method days. I used it for the Water-based Leave-in, Seal it with an Oil, then Put a shea butter/Butter cream moisturizing cream over it. It works this way and this is the ONLY way it works for me.

  • 1

    Posted by NicoleLisette (Type 4a) on 08/13/2013

    Dont pay the money for this, this can easily be made at home. Have not tried this at home but made my own from the ingredients listed in this product (coconut milk, olive oil, coco butter and honey) and I'm pretty sure the results can be comparable.

  • 5

    Posted by (Type 4a) on 07/10/2013

    I'm a confessed product junkie. I'm always looking for that perfect cocktail for my hair. I was pleasantly surprised about this product. It does an excellent job of defining my coils. It's lightweight, which works well for me because I twist my hair nightly. The coconut scent is not overbearing, like other products. For me, this product works best when my hair is dry. You know how it is in the natural world, you've gotta try it out and see if it works for you. Good Luck!

  • 4

    Posted by mystaley (Type 4a) on 12/22/2012

    Nice smell and nice shine. Light enough to moisturize w/o weighing hair down.

  • 5

    Posted by sisris (Type Unkown) on 09/03/2012

    Just made my 2nd purchase and i'm loving this product. Good for setting natural hair (as i twist and put my hair in rollers sometimes, twist-outs, good to moisterize roots, doesnt weigh hair down. The smell is a lite coconut smell, not overwhelming. I use product alone, no gel, and I think it holds pretty well. My hair type is probably in the 4's somewhere.

  • 4

    Posted by sammysam (Type 3c) on 07/31/2012

    I really like this moisturizer. Everything about it is light. It provides light moisture to my hair (I can use it daily without my hair getting greasy), it adds a light sheen to my hair and it's lightly scented. Sorely, it didn't hold up as a styler alone, but I've used it under all of my gels with no problems.

  • 5

    Posted by sbarbramonk (Type Unkown) on 06/18/2012

    Very thick 4a, 3c in the front.

    This is a very nice moisturizer/leave-in conditioner. Smells great and it's not greasy. You only need a little bit on each section to fully coat your hair which is great. It doesn't provide any hold for curl definition but I wasn't expecting it to. It plays nice with others so I put my gels on top to define. No build up or residue so you can use this on 2nd day hair. I will repurchase. MyHoneyChild has yet to disappoint me with ANY of their fabulous products!

  • 5

    Posted by Leenie (Type Unknown) on 06/15/2012

    I love this Coconut Hair Milk its lite and moisturizing and it doesn't weigh my hair down, I'm definitely going to repurchase again

  • 1

    Posted by woodasr (Type Unkown) on 02/27/2012

    I tossed this. Along with the soy milk and the almond milk. Shame. $54. Dried out my 4a/b hair. Absolutely nothing moisturing about the product. Had a nice smell. That is all I can say about these three products. Sadly. I think the concept of a lot of MsHoneyChilds product is better than the reality.

  • 1

    Posted by woodasr (Type Unkown) on 02/22/2012

    My 4a/b textured hair hates this product. I found it to be drying and not moisturizing at all. I do not understand how those ingredients can do that to my hair. I am on a only natural products hair kick, and I bought a ton of this line without trying just based on the ingredients assuming how could I go wrong. My bad. As I look at my pocket book, really my bad. I tossed so much of this line and I had purchased multiples of the same item just knowing that those wholesome ingredients would work for my hair. I just do not understand.

  • 5

    Posted by Cheles08 (Type 4c) on 01/31/2012

    Love it! Smells good, gives lightweight moisture. Good ingredients. It's good on dry or damp hair.

  • 5

    Posted by misscherylb (Type 4b) on 12/03/2011

    This stuff is the business! I love it! I retwist my hair with it every night. It makes my hair so soft, shiny and well moisturized. Its a staple product for me. It's worth every penny.

  • 4

    Posted by Miss Mickey (Type 3c) on 05/14/2011

    Great moisturizer - very light and clean feeling. It didn't weigh my hair down or make it oily or gunky. I used it to moisturize and refresh my hair when it was dry... and especially loved it for light overnight moisturizing. I loved everything about this... except when it was gone. :(

  • 4

    Posted by kinkynappygurl (Type 4b) on 04/08/2011

    It's lightweight and leaves your hair feeling soft but you have to use a lot. It's very watery.

  • 5

    Posted by shortnsweet (Type 4a) on 03/28/2011

    very light and a little goes a long way. left hair very silky and excellent shine. good moisturizer.

  • 5

    Posted by kitkat3ny (Type 3c) on 11/22/2005

    A good light leave-in. Leaves hair soft without feeling greasy.

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