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U R Curly Loose Curl Enhancer

Brand: UR Curly

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This light gel will define your waves and curls, while controlling frizz and adding moisture to your hair.

3.5 (18 ratings)
Size: 8.5 oz.

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Our Loose Curl Enhancer gel is alcohol-free, rich with Glycerin and Soy Protein and enhanced with Provitamin B5 and Echinacea which work to moisturize your hair. Whether you wear your hair long or short, the friendly ingredients found within our weightless U R Curly Loose Curl Enhancer gel activator formula formula will revive and stimulate your curls and waves while defining their shape, controlling the frizz and leaving it shiny and soft to the touch. Our Loose Curl Enhancer delivers lasting curl memory, reduces breakage, nourishes damaged hair – helping you reach your hair goals. 


Artesian Water, Glycerin, PPG-5 Ceteth-20, Polysorbate 20, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, DMDM Hydantoin, Fragrance, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein PG Silanetriol, Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil (Abyssinian Oil), Panthenol (Provitamin B5), Echinaecea Extract, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate

Ingredient Attribute: Silicone Free
Paraben Free

Customer reviews

  • 5

    Posted by laniecraig (Type Unknown) on 09/01/2014

    this is my go to gel.It is light and keeps my curls soft with no crunchy feel. It is not sticky and doesn't build up on my hair.I love these products!I use this every day

  • 5

    Posted by Jam086 (Type 3b) on 07/28/2014

    I love the U R Curly gels. I have 3A curls and the loose and tight curl enhancer both work great on my hair. When I want my curls to have a bit more volume, I will use the loose enhancer and when I want them to have a bit more definition I use the tight.

    The gels are my favorite products in the line!

  • 1

    Posted by SweetRellie (Type 4a) on 07/27/2014

    Tried the tight curl enhancer and it was horrible so I definitely knew this wouldn't work, and I couldn't have been more correct. I've come to the conclusion that this entire line of products is not for me.

  • 2

    Posted by QueenEkejija (Type Unknown) on 07/24/2014

    I didnt really understand how to use this product so I did what worked for me. It wasn't moisturizing enough to use as a leave-in so I kind of used it for its holding properties. I like didnt like how it made my hair look. Not for on my curls at least. I have 4c hair.

  • 2

    Posted by naturalkinks11 (Type 4b) on 07/17/2014

    I did a wash n go, and I did not like how much shrinkage that I had.This gel gave me ok curl definition but my kinks wasn't popping like other gels that I have used in the past. However, my hair wasn't too sticky or crunchy. I liked the lemon scent. My hair did feel soft, but the next days it was kind of greasy. Also, my hair turned out very frizzy like I did not have any product in it. I disliked how this gel made my hair look the next days of wearing it.

  • 4

    Posted by laurabeth33 (Type 2b) on 07/17/2014

    I tried this gel a number of ways (with the accompanying poo/condish/serum and with a different condish to isolate attributes specific to this gel rather than with the whole system). Solid results all around. The gel squirts out very thick and keeps its shape in my hand. But once I rubbed my hands together and raked it through, it spread with easy slip and no challenges to even distribution. My curls were springy and encouraged well on both my 3a and 2b sides. The curls lasted all day and weren't deterred by the stifling heat and humidity we've had the last couple of weeks. I did notice one unusual attribute. When I wet my hair, my hair felt coated under the shower's spray exponentially after each day's use, but doing my normal conditioning each time made that same sensation undetectable after rinsing out my conditioner. I didn't witness any other signs of buildup either. My instinct is that it did build up a little bit, but conditioner dissolved most of the gel. However, a little remained each day, which is why I noticed an increased coated sensation with each passing day. That said, the coating I felt most likely is why this gel faired well in humidity, and as long as I conditioned daily, I had symptoms of buildup which, quite frankly, is the best of both worlds.

  • 5

    Posted by missmdh (Type Unknown) on 06/22/2014

    I used the loose curl enhancer over Shea Moisture raw shea detangler (leave in) and coconut oil. I loved the results!!!!! I have bouncy, shiny, soft curls that lasted overnight and made great second day hair. I got so many comments on how good my hair looked. The product has hold but no crunch, no residue, and looks like a conditioner only wash n go because of the amount of volume. And most of frizz!!!! I am going to purchase this because it may have earned holy grail status. I am a/a and have a mixture of 3b/3c hair.

  • 5

    Posted by BeautifulMorena (Type 4a) on 08/07/2013

    This and the tight curl enhancers are fantastic. Moisturizing and defines coils/curls. Not hard, gives me a defined yet fluffy look:) One of my favorites ever. My hair is 4a.

  • 5

    Posted by MrsKJS (Type Unkown) on 07/30/2013

    I love this stuff! I originally received it as a sample and have been hooked ever since. I usually layer it with EcoStyler gel and refresh my Wash & Go with it throughout the week. My 4A/B hair really benefits from the moisturizing properties. My new holy grail!

  • 4

    Posted by lharrcurl (Type Unkown) on 07/24/2013

    I received a sample of this with another Curlmart order. I liked it enough to use the entire sample packet. It's not a completely perfect (could provide a little more shine). Before I purchase a bottle I'm going to try their other product based on the glowing reviews.

  • 2

    Posted by jcostantino (Type 2c) on 06/22/2013

    I received this product as a sample and never got good results when using this product. It was moisturizing, but the hold just wasn't enough for me. My curls also seemed to lack definition and were kind of floppy when I used this product. My hair does prefer a stronger hold so I could see this product working for someone else.

  • 5

    Posted by moonfire (Type 3a) on 06/17/2013

    i love this product. i don't like most gels. most of them leave my hair feeling very dry. i first tried it from a very generous sample. it keeps the frizz minimal, and it doesn't leave my hair dry and/or crunchy. it leaves my hair soft and curly. this is during the hot and humid summer. i don't know how my hair will react in the winter.

  • 5

    Posted by Kai (Type Unkown) on 06/04/2013

    Hair Type: 4 b/c

    I'm basing this review strictly on the sample I received along with my recent CurlMart order.

    Most "curl enhancers" are too thin which usually leave my hair feeling dry and crunchy, but this gel did quite the opposite! I was never particularly interested in this product brand, nor do I heavily depend on gels to set my twists, but this gel actually worked quite well in my hair. I followed the directions and applied this to freshly clean & damp hair. This gel is perfectly thick - which how I prefer my moisturizers & stylers to be. It has a wonderfully light - possibly Jasmine - fragrance which I love. The first time I tested this gel on a twist, I used this gel only to see just how moisturized my hair felt, and my hair definitely felt soft yet was still defined. There is absolutely NO crunch at all. The next time I tested this, I used my Elucence Moisture Balance Conditioner (purchased from this site) underneath, and then applied U R Curly Loose Curl Enhancer on top, and again I received GREAT results. So either way, I actually don't NEED to use a leave-in underneath this gel - that's a first for me. The sample pack has a pretty decent amount of gel, so I think I'll be able to set a full head of twists which is great! As I stated earlier, I don't normally rely on gels to set my twists/braids, nor do I wear wash-n-gos, so the fact that I've unexpectedly found a gel that moisturizes AND defines/sets my twists is pretty impressive. Additionally the price is super economical. I'll definitely order the 8.5 oz. bottle next time! Thanks U R Curly!

  • 2

    Posted by smudge1995 (Type 3c) on 06/01/2013

    I was sent a sample packet with a Curl Mart order. This product, while it may work for some, makes absolutely no difference in my hair whatsoever. I even tried using the Heat Therapy Wrap, thinking my hair maybe wasn't absorbing the product, but even with the product absorbed I still see no difference between my hair with or without the product. My guess is that the product is not heavy enough for my mostly 3c size, low porosity hair. Maybe for me, the tight curl enhancer would've worked better.

  • 5

    Posted by firstlady411 (Type 3c) on 08/09/2012

    I love this product. It left my curls shiny, defined and soft and it smells wonderful. However, I have to use a lot of the product to get the desired result and at $9.99 for only 8.5's not economical for me. I have other product alternatives that I can use to get the same results but they just dont leave my hair soft like U R Curly but that's something that I can sacrifice for the price of this product. But it really does work. I loved it. I would recommend it if you can afford it.

  • 3

    Posted by Mamafashionista (Type 3a) on 06/03/2012

    I kind of want to give this 4 curls because unlike most gels I've encountered, this one did not leave a bit of crunch in my hair at all. The scent was very pleasant (more so that the shampoo and conditioner in this line in my opinion), but I have to settle on giving this 3 curls. While my curls are pretty decently defined, in all honesty I don't need styling products to define my curls (or form them for that matter), I need products to provide frizz control, and this just doesn't seem to be doing that. I haven't left the house since applying it, it's not at all humid but when I look in the mirror, I see frizz. No bueno. But... I do think I will use this for up do's and such, because there is a lovely sheen to the hair that hasn't gone poof...

  • 3

    Posted by gardencurls (Type 3b) on 04/19/2012

    It's okay for a bit of hold & definition. Without others moisturizers and products, it leaves my hair too flyway and frizzy. Personally, I can't get past the fragrance of this gel. Although it's a lovely, fresh jasmine type scent, it's so strong it made me feel a little sick. It's rinsing your hair in jasmine water.

  • 4

    Posted by CurlyAnia (Type 2b) on 02/29/2012

    It's a good product, but you do need something additional for your ends. I had great curl formation and texture, but my ends were very dry. However, after I used a refreshing curl spray on my ends (Deva Miste-er Right) my curls looked great.

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