Top Anti-Frizz Products 

These anti-frizz products are CurlMart favorites and will help you on your way to fabulous frizz free curls. Fighting frizz doesn’t start with serum; it begins with a powerful, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. You can counter the humidity and heat with a regimen that incorporates these top frizz fighting products.

We've included some of your favorite brands such as Ouidad, Curls Unleashed, Mop Top, Curl Junkie, Oyin Handmade, and As I Am. Remember, the key to battling frizz is preventing it with healthy moisturized strands, and styling smartly with no heat products that lock in and define your curl. For more tips on curing frizz, read our article What is Frizz and How to Stop It.

Cleanse Your Curls

Frizz Free Shampoos

A good frizz fighting shampoo should be sulfate-free, strengthening, moisturizing and gentle enough that it does not strip your hair of its natural oils. Sounds like a hard find, right? Not to worry, CurlMart has you covered. These four shampoos are each designed with different ingredients but all achieve the same result—frizz free locks.

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  • $19.00

Coat Your Curls

Frizz Free Conditioners

Next, follow up your cleanse with a quality rinse out conditioner that will ensure you have moisturized curls. We recommend Curl Junkie and Camille Rose Naturals for your traditional post-poo conditioner; both are designed to replenish your thirsty locks with the help of moisturizing herbs. If your hair needs extra love, try Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil or Mop Top deep conditioner.

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  • $34.95

Feed Your Curls

Frizz Free Moisturizers

Once you’ve rinsed out your conditioners, layer your curls with a rich moisturizer that will battle frizz all day and keep them soft. We recommend using a leave-in conditioner or lotion to detangle, define and moisturize your curls. With these moisturizers, you give your strands a protective barrier that blocks humidity and prevents fly aways. Try Karen’s Body Beautiful, CURLS, Oyin Handmade, or Curl Junkie!

  • $16.00

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  • $13.99

  • $20.00

Define Your Curls

Frizz Free Stylers

Lastly, style your curls with these anti-frizz styling agents. Each of these curl definers are specially crafted to block frizz and moisturize your locks while holding them in place. We love As I Am, Curly Hair Solutions, Ouidad, and Mop Top for their award winning, frizz fighting gels and jellies.

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