Volumizing Hair Products & Tips

Wavy haired girl with volumeAcquiring more volume for your curls and waves can be a challenge. Whether you need more volume all over or just on the crown of your head, these tips and volumizing hair products can help.

A New Haircut

If your hair looks flat and lifeless, your hair style might not be helping. Cutting your hair to one length might sound like a good idea, but it can create the dreaded pyramid head — not the best solution if you want more volume.

Adding long layers will give your curls more volume at the crown and around your face, as well as release the overall weight of your hair.

Avoid Heavy Oils and Silicones

Flat and lifeless curls and waves can often be caused by using styling products and conditioners that coat the hair cuticle and weigh your hair down. All curls need moisture, but not all curls need the weight.

Volumizing Hair Tricks

Duckbill clips can take some practice to master, but they are perfect for creating more volume on the crown of your head.

Diffusing your hair can also pump up the volume without causing your curly or wavy hair to frizz. Attach a hair diffuser to your hair dryer and set the dryer on warm. Hang your head upside down and gently dry your hair, without handling it too much.


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