Winter Hair Products and Tips by Hair Type

Moisturizing is an essential part of winter hair care. We've taken tips from CurlyNikki's winter regimen to help you craft you winter product list. Her advice? Moisturize and protect! Here are some winter hair tips and products for keeping your hair moisturized and conditioned throughout the long, cold months.

All Hair Types: Deep Condition Once a Week

To battle the dryness, stick to a strict deep-conditioning regimen. Deep condition once a week at the very least (twice if you tend to be very dry) with a conditioner that provides moisture only. Avoid drying shampoos that contain too much protein and not enough natural oils during the winter. When you use products that contain protein, your hair needs extra moisture so it won’t become dry and brittle. Since you’ll be deep conditioning more, be sure to pick a deep conditioner that is not protein rich, since too much protein can cause more frizz. 

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Type 2: Don't Let the Cold Steal Your Volume

Wavy hair is so temperamental, and the wintertime is no exception. Wavy hair can be poofy and frizzy in the summer, and completely flat and lifeless in the winter. The cold, dry weather is unkind to wavy hair and often zaps away any precious volume. Enhance your hair’s volume this winter by using volumizing shampoos, conditioners and stylers that will give you the appearance of thicker hair. And try to stay away from using heat, as heat will often smooth out your waves and leave them flat.

Type 3: Stretch Your Second Day Curls

There are so many reasons to wear second, third or even fourth day curls. First off, the winter weather plays well with your tresses. Humidity and sweat are gone, and you can enjoy clean second day curls without feeling too greasy. You’ll also want to shampoo less because the wintertime can dry out your scalp. Stretch out your washdays by using dry shampoos and curl refreshers. Look for products that will keep your second day curls looking amazing, and try protective styles towards the end of your wash cycle.

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Type 4: Use Oil To Stay Moisturized 

It’s so important to maintain moisturized coils during the wintertime. Oil should be your best friend and should be used during most parts of your regimen. Always seal your hair with an easily absorbed oil before heading out of the house in the cold winter months. CurlyNikki says to apply oil out of the shower, on your fingers as you detangle, and on your ends before styling protective styles. Bonus tip - try a hot oil treatment at least once a week during the wintertime to restore the moisture. Natural oils such as jojoba, rosemary and lavender keep the scalp in good condition as well as the hair.

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